Front End Developer with Web Design and Design experience.

Welcome to the online portfolio of Curtis Allen. Let me develop your next site.

My Services

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My passion is creating simple and easy to use websites. If you have a project you need help with please send me a email.

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I enjoy developing highly interactive sites and helping my customers meet their needs. If you need development help please send me a email.

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I enjoy designing clean easy to develop layouts for web and mobile. If you need a hand with design please send me an email.

Recent Work


CareerBuilder is one of the largest online employment websites, they receive more than 23 million visitors each month.

Verifone Media

VeriFone Media delivers over 1.5 billion daily impressions in taxis and gas stations. It is a part of VeriFone, the leader in electronic payments.

CB Transitions

CB Transitions is an outplacement assistance service, developed to reduce your company overall unemployment costs.

Verifone Taxi

The VeriFone Taxi System provides a safe and secure method of card payment solution for London cab drivers.